• Automated Parcel Sorting Machine
  • Automated Parcel Sorting Machine
  • Automated Parcel Sorting Machine
Automated Parcel Sorting Machine

Brand: Bonray

Product origin: Suzhou

Delivery time: 25 days after receiving payment

Supply capacity: 2000 sets / month

Automated parcel solutions is very popular in e-commerce and express industry. Compared with tilt tray sorter, it gets much higher sorting capacity, sorting accuracy, more space saving, cost saving and gental handling about packages.

Automated Parcel Sorting Machine


Automated Parcel Sorting Machine Introduction:

This automated sorting system is connected by a main driving belt conveyor and another belt conveyor with carriers. When one carrier moves to the specified sorting position, it turns the belt while automated parcel sorting is done.

Compared with tilt tray sorter, cross belt sorter conveyor gets much higher sorting capacity, sorting accuracy, more space saving and gentle handling about packages.

automated parcel sorting machine

Automated Parcel Sorting Machine Application:

Automated parcel sorting systems are widely used in logistics, postal sort, E-commerce sort, automated storage and retrieval system, warehouse sortation and distribution center.

automated parcel sorting       automated sorting systems

Hard Parcel                                                                Box

automated parcel sorting machine       automated parcel sorting

Envelope                                                                 Soft Parcel

Automated Parcel Sorting Machine Advantages:

automated sorting systems

Production structure:

Automated parcel sorting machine contains four parts:

1.Package supplying conveyor

2.Sorting machine ( including carriers and tracks)

3.Chute and Outlet

4.Control system

Automated Sorting Systems specification:

1Sorting capacity12000---24000 packages / hour
2Operating speed≤ 2.5 m/sNormally 2m/s
3Suitable package weight0.1 kg--15 kg
4Suitable package sizeL <600mm, W: 5mm--350mm, H: 5mm--350mm
5Carrier pitch600 mm
6Outlet pitch700mm / 750mm 
7Carrier length

800mm/1000mm customized 

9Sorting error rate < 0.05%


Sorting Equipment Inspection Standard

a)Track flatness ≤ 0.5mm

b)Track parallelism ≤ 0.3mm

c)Track seam height difference ≤0.05mm

d)Track seam clearance ≤ 0.15mm


automated parcel sorting machineautomated parcel sorting

Comparison with Manual Sorting

automated sorting systems

automated parcel sorting machine

Manual SortingCross belt sorter
Time6 hoursWithin 1 hour
Sorting accuracyUncertain99.99%
Sorting breakage rate Uncertain≤ 0.01%

Packaging and Delivery

automated parcel sorting

automated sorting systemsautomated parcel sorting machine

Best After-sale Service

1. Provide installation service at your site.

2. Provide training for your installation workers.

3. Professional technical team and engineers at your service.

Our Team 

automated parcel sorting

Company Profile

Bonray group is a leading provider of automated parcel solutions, motor and drive for transmission solution, serving post and e-commerce market.

Our team have supported over 700 projects at home and abroad, our products have been exported to USA, France, Australia, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, etc.  Since 2016, our product has been ranked NO.1 in market share. We are designated supplier for CHINA POST AND SF EXPRESS.


Over 10 years' experience make us expertise in motor R&D and machinery manufacture, we’re confident to provide you with high quality products and also good services.


automated sorting systemsautomated parcel sorting machineautomated parcel sortingautomated sorting systems

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