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Bonray Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Bonray Industrial Co.,Ltd. Provides You with Exclusive Customized Services:

Our enterprise has a deep understanding of the express industry, we aim to build an intelligent logistics system for you, to provide you with logistics solutions. Whether you need a variety of logistics solutions, a complete set of equipment or accessories, or a single product, such as cross belt sorter and its accessories (powered roller and linear induction motor) , or other types of express delivery conveyor (wave sorter) to complete your logistics automation. 

We will customize the size of the sorting machine, size of each carrier , the layout of the conveyor belt, the location and quantity of the supply platform according to your factory floor area, plant layout, package size, package weight, sorting efficiency, loading and unloading position, etc., to create your own logistics system. Since Bonray Industrial Co., ltd. has R&D centers in China and 10,000-square-meter factories in Shanghai and Suzhou, we are fully capable of building the most suitable intelligent logistics system for your company to help you save manpower, improve sorting efficiency and improve work efficiency.

Bonray Industrial Co.,Ltd. Provided You with Thoughtful Pre-Sales Services:

No matter what problems you have with a variety of logistics solutions, a complete set of equipment or accessories(such as cross belt sorter conveyor, motorized power roller, linear motors or other conveyor machine products), you can come to us to solve. We will try our best to solve the automatic sorting machine problems for you, so that your enterprise can take the lead in the logistics industry, has received market dividends.

In addition, Bonray Industrial Co.,Ltd. also provides you with the following services:

Provide professional consultation: the technical staff will answer your professional technical questions;

Provide detailed information: provide the technical information you need to you;

Provide a reasonable quote: provide you with a reasonable quote;

Provide inspection reception: receive your inspection at any time, and do your best to provide a variety of convenient conditions for your inspection work;

If it is not convenient for you to visit our factory, we can watch the factory by VIDEO. Through the video, you can learn more about our cross sorting machine, pendulum sorting machine and other products, and also see the status quo of our factory.

Bonray Industrial Co.,Ltd. Provides You with Worry-Free After-Sales Service:

Technical support:

1. After you buy our cross belt sorter conveyor, we will provide you with technical support. You can come to our company to learn how to use machine.

2. If it is not convenient for you to come to China, our technicians will come to your factory in your country, guide you and install your cross sorting machine and other powered roller conveyor, help you establish logistics automation system, and train your workers so that they can operate the cross belt sorter independently;

3. If you encounter technical problems in the process of using, don't worry, our technical staff will answer you at any time, and guide you to maintain the logistics automation system can run normally;

Free replacement of spare parts within the warranty period: the warranty period of our products is one year. If the cross belt roller and linear motor within a year for NON - HUMAN DAMAGEwe are sorry to bring losses to you. We will replace the spare parts FOR FREE.

Provide perfect logistics: pack the goods according to the international packaging standards for you, and choose a high-quality shipping company or airlines for you to transport your goods. To provide you with the most perfect logistics services for the purpose, and free for you to buy insurance, solve your worries.

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