1.This parcel sorter has wide application range that is suitable for items including plastic totes, cardboard carton, trays, stuffed envelopes and poly bags. The weight of items can be from 20 grams to 75 kilograms with dimensions from 50 x 50 x 1 millimeters to 1500 x 800 x 800 millimeters or customized.
2.This e-commerce sorter has high rate of sortation. single, twin, double-deck, and quad cell options as well as patented technologies like pre-sequencing allow the sorter to deliver orders out faster with production as high as 80,000 items per hour.
3.The body of the running trolley for cross belt sorter runs on the track with 2 wheels. Each wheel is equipped with a bearing. Even one person can push the 100-meter-long sorter by hand because of the low friction of each wheel.
4.A single sorting line of mail sorter can be increased up to 90 outputs. The output number can also be customized according to requirements.
1. Two working mode, single or double working direction.
2. The length and height of the telescopic conveyor can be adjusted randomly.
3. Reduce working time, decrease labor cost, avoid goods damages.
4. It is configured with innovative and high performance driving motor.
1.Several narrow belts for narrow belt sorter, convenient divert mechanism.
2.The narrow belt sorter has 30 degree, 45 degree and 90 degree diverting options for transmission.
3.The narrow belt sorter has 75% less noise compared with conventional sorters.
4.Less energy consumption, easy installation and disassembly for narrow belt sorter.
5.Less tipping and skewing of product for narrow belt sorter.
1.Compact design of automatic parcel singulator with less wear and tear.
2.The singulation machine's visual recognition system has comprehensive and innovative functions.
3.Precise sorting and high efficiency of automatic parcel singulator instead of expensive labor cost.
4.The automatic parcel singulator has various of operational modes.
1.More than 400% working efficiency is improved by DWS system.
2.One button for powering on the DWS system, mistakes caused by fatigue are greatly avoided.
3.Outstanding performance for barcode scanner, various of scanning methods for different sides of packages.
4.Customized service for DWS dimension, low cost and less maintenance.
5.Intelligent data collection, labor cost can be saved effectively.
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