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  • warehouse sorter
  • pick to light systems
  • telescopic forks
  • Induction Linear Motor
  • Automation Sorter

warehouse sorter

1.This parcel sorter has wide application range that is suitable for items including plastic totes, cardboard carton, trays, stuffed envelopes and poly bags. The weight of items can be from 20 grams to 75 kilograms with dimensions from 50 x 50 x 1 millimeters to 1500 x 800 x 800 millimeters or customized. 2.This e-commerce sorter has high rate of sortation. single, twin, double-deck, and quad cell options as well as patented technologies like pre-sequencing allow the sorter to deliver orders out faster with production as high as 80,000 items per hour. 3.The body of the running trolley for cross belt sorter runs on the track with 2 wheels. Each wheel is equipped with a bearing. Even one person can push the 100-meter-long sorter by hand because of the low friction of each wheel. 4.A single sorting line of mail sorter can be increased up to 90 outputs. The output number can also be customized according to requirements.

pick to light systems

1.Easy and convenient operation and installation for two-line bus pick to light system. 2.The two-line bus pick to light system is designed with two-way communication technology. 3.The OLED dot matrix, English and Chinese language display options for the electronic tag of two-line bus pick to light system. 4.The two-line bus pick to light system realizes optimal management for warehousing operation.

telescopic forks

1.Strong wear resistance and less dusts during operation for single deep telescopic fork. 2.The single deep telescopic fork is specifically designed for AS/RS storage system. 3.This single deep telescopic fork's load capacity ranges are 2000 kg, 3000 kg and 4000 kg. 4.All of telescopic forks we produced have reached international advanced level. 5.We provide customized service for single deep telescopic fork.

Induction Linear Motor

It is the first domestic invention (invention patent) and used in the cross belt sorter with CE certification. Instead of the traditional rotary motor through friction or gear transmission, it is non-contact, low noise, and maintenance-free. It has a bilateral structure, less magnetic leakage and high efficiency. Forced fan cooling avoids motor overheating to achieve temperature protection. The motor cannot be burnt after fan failure.

Automation Sorter

Automated mail sorting machine can sort 12000-24000 parcels per hour. It can be widely used in e-commerce warehouse, express and postal automation system, clothing enterprises and other industries.