1.Strong wear resistance and less dusts during operation for single deep telescopic fork.
2.The single deep telescopic fork is specifically designed for AS/RS storage system.
3.This single deep telescopic fork's load capacity ranges are 2000 kg, 3000 kg and 4000 kg.
4.All of telescopic forks we produced have reached international advanced level.
5.We provide customized service for single deep telescopic fork.
1.Stable and high quality torque limiter and overload protection function.
2.High strength aluminum alloy for the material of pallet telescopic fork.
3.Outstanding speed and acceleration for the transmission of telescopic fork.
4.Customized service for stacker automatic telescopic fork.
5.Various of tests during the production of stacker automatic telescopic fork.
1.Light weight and less deflection rate for single deep telescopic fork.
2.It is specially designed for medium load transmission.
3.Single deep telescopic fork has two-way telescopic function and optional plate exchange mode.
4.Customized service available for stacker crane telescopic fork.
1.Compact coupling structure, strong angular compensation ability.
2.High transmission efficiency, super load capacity and excellent for double deep telescopic fork.
3.Comprehensive and high quality customized service for telescopic fork and it's accessories.
4.Fast encoder signal conversion detection and accurate positioning for double deep telescopic fork.
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