JD.com Powered Roller and Linear Induction Motor

Over 5000 powered rollers and 150 linear induction motors are provided for JD.com, which is the biggest online retailer in China.



Jingdong -- A Self-Operated E-Commerce Enterprise, JD has its own logistics system, including delivery services: 211 time-limited delivery, next-day delivery, jikuaida, jingzunda, night delivery, self-pick cabinet, and uav.


JD has set up wholly-owned subsidiaries in Shanghai and Guangzhou successively, connecting north China, east China and south China into a front line, making most of China covered under the logistics distribution network of 360buy. At the same time continue to strengthen and enrich the company's technical strength, improve and improve the after-sales service, logistics and marketing and other aspects of the software, hardware facilities and service conditions. 


Jingdong mall has set up six logistics platforms centered in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, chengdu, shenyang and xi 'an, with a view to providing faster delivery services for users across the country and further deepening and expanding the company's business space. 


JD has its own logistics system, which requires intelligent logistics to realize such a huge distribution volume, while our company provides JD with the accessories of cross sorter belt machine: more than 5,000 powered rollers and 150 linear induction motor.

Powered Roller

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