BEST EXPRESS Cross Belt Sorter

Best Express——120 meters cross belt sorter. 200 trolleys.

BEST combines Internet, information technology and traditional logistics services to create new and disruptive business models to integrate China's huge logistics industry and improve efficiency and application of informatization.


BEST rooted in the beautiful west lake - Hangzhou, has established a multi-level operation center in the country, distribution network covering the whole country, extended to the county and township regions.


Through a complete and systematic partner certification management system, professional supply chain solution design, advanced information technology and the company's own comprehensive operating platform GeniMax system, best supply chain design and logistics services for domestic and foreign enterprises.


After several years of efforts, the enterprise has expanded rapidly, the high speed development, each year the existing eight division, to provide customers comprehensive supply chain services, express delivery, express and software, as of March 2019, in the country has established 212 operations centers and more than 280 square meters of warehouse and transfer center, has more than 8000 full-time employees and tens of thousands of franchisees and partners, warehousing and distribution network covering the whole country, and the deep to the county and township levels.

With the power of the Internet, information technology and innovation, BEST brings revolutionary changes to the entire logistics industry. BEST is committed to building a one-stop logistics and supply chain service platform, providing efficient services and experiences for customers, and becoming the most trusted and respected logistics leader.

We customized a 120 meter long cross sorting machine made up of 200 trolleys.

cross belt sorter

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