High Performance AC Drum Motors

2023-07-15 16:09:36

In the field of DWS sorting system equipment, a common obstacle is the problem of high current production. This has a major impact on various components including the drum, controller and power supply. Not only does it speed up product consumption, but it also reduces overall service time.

To meet these challenges, we have developed a unique and innovative AC drum motor specifically designed to solve these problems. AC drum motor can effectively reduce current and provide stable center of gravity performance. With this solution, the negative effects of high currents can be minimized, resulting in higher efficiency and longer equipment lifetime.

A distinctive feature of our drum motors is that they are powered by alternating current (AC). These electric motors operate on alternating current. The construction of an AC motor consists of coils that generate a rotating magnetic field within a rotor, which in turn is connected to an output shaft that generates a secondary magnetic field.

The main advantage of AC motors is their ability to maintain constant torque up to rated speed. This means that the drum motor can continue to operate even under varying load conditions. With this stability, your sortation system can maintain peak performance and deliver reliable results.

Also, our AC drum motor is perfect for sorter induction. Efficiency and accuracy are critical in the sorting process and our AC drum motor ensures smooth, precise operation. It can enhance the sensing ability of the sorter and simplify your operation.

In conclusion, our motorized pulleys specially designed for DWS sorting system equipment have several unique advantages. It effectively solves the challenges of high current, extending the life of the device while improving overall efficiency. In addition, the AC drum motor guarantees constant torque and reliable performance.

High Performance AC Drum Motors

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