• AC servo motor roller for DWS
AC servo motor roller for DWS


Product origin: Dalian

Delivery time: 30 days after recieving advance payment

1.All of the drum motors have passed the safety procedures.
2.This kind of drum motor is specific for DWS and other inductions which need frequent 'on-off'operation.
3.The drum motor does not need additional DC power supply.
4.This kind of motor roller has passed high-precision dynamic balance test.
5.The AC servo motor roller is maintenance-free, more effective energy saving and has excellent performance.

AC servo motor roller for DWS

As the e-commerce industry becomes more popular nowadays, a great number of new innovated equipment appear on the market for logistical industry. One of the efficient operational systems for logistics is DWS. It stands for dimensioning weighing system which has functions of dynamic weighing and code scanning for small parcels of express delivery. It integrates automatic scanning, automatic photo taking, automatic weighing and automatic piece counting functions. The collected code and weight data can be automatically entered into logistics management system.


We produce the motor roller that is specific for DWS sorting system equipment. For these kinds of equipment, large current produced is the biggest problem. It impacts the roller, controller and power supply that accelerates the consumption of products and reduce the service time. For this kind of drum motor, it is a unique design for solving the problems above. It can reduce the current relatively and provide stable center of gravity performance. It is also suitable for sorter induction.

Another feature of this drum motor is that it is alternative current powered. The AC drum motor is an electric motor which uses alternating current. The structure of an AC motor includes coils that produce a rotating magnetic field inside a rotor attached to an output shaft which produces a second magnetic field. The main benefit of an AC motor is that it has ability to produce constant torque up to the rated speed.

-Parameters of motorzied rollers for two applications:

Sorter Induction

Dynamic-Weighing Equipment Application

Load Capacity


0-50 kg

Motor Form

Outer Rotor

Outer Rotor

Outside Diameter



Rated Voltage



Rated Power



Speed Range






-Uses of the AC motorized roller:

1.For sorter induction:

Parcels, boxes and envelopes are introduced to the sorting system after packed orders enter the induction process. It is the process of identifying items on a conveyor system and diverting them to a specific destination within an operation, such as different types of packing stations or parcel carrier doors. The efficient, reliable and less maintenance required AC servo motor roller is an excellent option for the sorter induction.

motor roller

2.For DWS (dimensioning, weighing and scanning):

DWS system provides high-value systems that generate labour efficiencies, improve order accuracy and increase velocity within order fulfillment process, distribution, manifesting and warehousing. It can automatically measure the wehight of the parcel, read the barcodes, measure the dimensions and deliver to the next station. This kind of AC motorized roller can effectivelly solve the issue of large produced current from DWS opeation.

drum motor

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