• Double Sided LIM Assembly
  • Double Sided LIM Assembly
  • Double Sided LIM Assembly
  • Double Sided LIM Assembly
Double Sided LIM Assembly


Product origin: China

It is the first domestic invention (invention patent) and used in the cross belt sorter with CE certification. Instead of the traditional rotary motor through friction or gear transmission, it is non-contact, low noise, and maintenance-free. It has a bilateral structure, less magnetic leakage and high efficiency. Forced fan cooling avoids motor overheating to achieve temperature protection. The motor cannot be burnt after fan failure.

Double Sided LIM Assembly

Double Sided Linear Induction Motor Assembly Draft and Performance Specification

General Specification

Motor modelLMT-OL0009-N01

Motor type: Linear Induction Motor

Motor structure: Double sided

Rated input voltage: 380V

Rated input frequency: 50Hz

Phase: 3

Pole numbers: 8

Motor size: 930*220*254 L x W x Hmm

Motor weight: 80kg Including cooling system

Insulation class: F(155℃)

Protection class: IP 60

Duty cycle: 100%

Type of temperature protector: Bi-metal

Protector temp.: 130℃

Protector Voltage and Current: 270V / 10A

Synchronous speed: 6m/s(At 50Hz)

Reaction plate thickness: 5mm(Min.4 mm)

Reaction plate material: Aluminum alloy 6063

LIM to LIM gap: 9-10mm

Cooling method: Air cooling with fan

Gap adjust range: Max. 12mm

High potential test: 2500V/s

Ambient temperature: -20-45

Ambient humidity: Below 85%

Characteristics of Linear Induction Motor--Connection and Performance

Connection and Control 

linear induction motor ppt

Inverter can be any commercial variable speed controller with V/F control function. Such as Siemens, Schneider, Yaskawa, Delta etc. The power rating should be 7.5 kw at least. Speed feedback can make the motor run at a stable speed. Please don’t use the vector control function to control LIM. 

- 1, 2, 3 connect the 3 phase power supply.

- 4, is blank

- 5,6 connect to the contactor coil or PLC to identify the high temperature

- 7,8 connect to the 1 phase 220V-240V AC. This is the fan power supply.

Linear Induction Motor Performance 

types of linear induction motor

Linear Induction Motor  Detail: Technical Data

Induction Linear Motor

linear induction motor ppt

types of linear induction motor

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