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  • Wave Sorter Manufacturers, Wave Sorter Factory, Supply Wave Sorter
  • Wave Sorter Manufacturers, Wave Sorter Factory, Supply Wave Sorter
  • Wave Sorter Manufacturers, Wave Sorter Factory, Supply Wave Sorter
  • Wave Sorter Manufacturers, Wave Sorter Factory, Supply Wave Sorter
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Wave Sorter


Product origin :China

Delivery time :30 days

Supply capacity :500 Sets

The intelligent wave sorter has its own power, no transmission mechanism, and very stable performance. It is designed for e-commerce express delivery, and is suitable for large and small cartons, weekly packing, woven bags, and flexible packaging.

Wave Sorter Conveyor Systems Sorting Capacity

Designed sorting capacity 5000 pieces / hour

Actual sorting capacity 3000-5000 pieces / hour Equipment reliability

Mean continuous failure-free time for machinery> = 500 hours Mean continuous failure-free time for appliances> = 4000 hours

Equipment continuous working time

Equipment complete load operation> = 23 hours

Intelligent energy ball sorting machine is different from other brands of inclined wheel sorting machines. Other brands are driven by O-belt. Once the whole organization needs to be dismantled, the maintenance cost is high.

Advantages of energy ball Wave Sorter over ordinary inclined wheel sorting:

1. Autonomous power transmission, gear transmission, power master, high strength

2. Because it is an autonomous power, the density of all power balls can be maximized, so that small packages and soft plastic bags can be sorted.

3. Because it is autonomous power, there is no possibility that some wheels will not rotate when turning.

4. Because the servo motor controls the steering, the response speed is very fast, and it can be rotated at any angle and sorted in any direction.

5. High sorting efficiency: the sorting volume can reach 5000 to 7000 pieces in one hour

6. Modular embedded according to maintenance and replacement is more convenient

7. Small footprint

8. The performance is comparable to imported, but the price has a great advantage

9. Less noise than the slider sorting, small footprint, and can sort soft packaging

 wave sorter

Applicable scenarios: sorting by express distribution center, e-commerce warehouse sorting, factory warehouse sorting, factory warehouse inbound and outbound, and split; products that can be sorted: large and small cartons, turnover boxes, woven bags, flexible packaging plastic tape, courier document bag


Wave Sorter Conveyor Systems Ordinary inclined balance wheel:

1. Need O-belt transmission, easy to slip,

2. It takes a lot of space and can only sort large cartons and turnover boxes. There is no way to sort soft packages and small cartons.

3. Because the cylinder rotates, the rotation angle is fixed. And slow rotation speed

4. When the O-belt driving wheel rotates, some angles are not uniform.

5. Sorting efficiency in 2000

6. The warehouse may not have a gas source

Wave Sorter Conveyor Systems Powerball Sorting module is a standard part made by mold processing, with high installation accuracy, which can ensure that the power ball is installed on the same line without tilting; and the power ball is spherical, with an O-band embedded on it, without grooves; With its special transition board structure, there is almost no gap around the power ball, and the sorting of items is smooth and the sorting effect is good. It has "multi-adaptability" to sorting items, and has strong adaptability to sorting items. It can sort cartons, turnover boxes, and soft bags. The conveying speed is 90m/min, the weight of the conveyed items is 35kg, and the sorting efficiency is 5400pcs/h, which has shown outstanding advantages in the logistics system.

wave sort

Schematic diagram of unidirectional shunt

conveyor wave sorter

Two-way flow diagram

wave sorter

One-way confluence diagram

wave sort

Two-way confluence diagram

conveyor wave sorter

90 ° confluence diagram

wave sorter

Positioning and turning diagram

Wave Sorter Conveyor Systems The Powerball Sorter uses a unique power ball structure and a new type of synchronous belt-driven push gear to drive the power ball operation mode and the unit module design concept. It can realize single-way, two-way multi-angle sorting of the power ball sorter. Improve the efficiency and stability of conveying and sorting, adapt to the variety of conveyed items, convenient and fast installation and maintenance, and improve the service life of the equipment. Its performance is ahead of similar products at home and abroad.

The Wave Sorter Powerball Sorting module is a commonly used equipment in the logistics transportation tribal system. With its unique contact structure, it can realize unidirectional and bidirectional steering at different angles, such as 20°45°60°and 90°large-angle steering. The system can realize the functions of shunt and merge.

wave sort

conveyor wave sorter

wave sorter

wave sort

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